The Estate

Built on the site of the old Glenside Hospital, Victoria Grove offers superb accommodation in a stunning garden environment.

The bluestone Villa at the entry was built in 1879 as the residence for the hospital’s medical superintendents. Now magnificently restored, it is Heritage listed by the State Government and National Trust of South Australia, signifying its importance nationally.

The estate radiates out from The Villa and comprises a mixture of One Bedroom Villas and Independent Living Homes. This flexibility of choice in accommodation, complemented by optional services, means that residents choose the level of independence they desire. Care attendants are on site 24 hours a day.


Victoria Grove is about quality of life for residents. It starts with the welcoming and friendly atmosphere and extends through to the informal and formal social activities that are the advantage of community living.

The informal includes weekly get-togethers, card afternoons, film days, concerts and indoor and outdoor bowls. More formally, the active social committee organises exercise groups, morning teas, luncheons, themed dinners, happy hours, day trips and outings.

The Villa has been transformed into a Community Centre, which is the hub of the community and a relaxed meeting place for residents, their families and friends. There is also an extensive outdoor pergola, barbecue area and a bowling green.

Residents frequently use the Community Centre for large functions, such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries, and the dining room in The Villa for more intimate occasions.


"It took us a while to make the decision, but we’re so glad we did. We have privacy when we need it and the company of good friends when we want it."

"We thought we’d miss our own garden; however, a beautiful garden surrounds us without the responsibility of maintaining it. And there’s just enough garden around our unit for us to look after, potter in and plant the flowers we love. Really, we have the best of all worlds—the independence to lead our own lifestyle, but with the quality of life and security that comes from community living."

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